The Art of Sports Photography
Marc Aspland, Chief Sports Photographer of The Times, is one of today’s most prominent photographers in any journalistic genre. For the last quarter of a century, he has chosen to use his incredible expertise to capture the remarkable beauty and drama of sport. That he made such a fateful decision is to the eternal benefit of sports fans across the globe.

This book presents highlights from Aspland’s illustrious career and contains more than one hundred rarely seen images drawn from his personal archive. Some of the most prominent figures in world sport,
such as David Beckham, Usain Bolt, Rafael Nadal, Mike Tyson, Jessica Ennis, Roger Federer and Jonny Wilkinson are captured in penetrating and captivating detail, in action and at ease. Historical moments from some of the most important international sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, Wimbledon,
Formula 1, the Open Golf Championships, the Tour de France, the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics are featured, alongside images that simply show the joy sport brings to societies all over the world. Fans of sport and photography will find something to cherish on every page of this stunning retrospective.

MARC ASPLAND is a multiple award-winning photographer who has served as Chief Sports Photographer at The Times for twenty-five years. He has covered the Olympic Games since Barcelona 1992; multiple FIFA World Cup Finals – France ’98, South Korea & Japan 2002, Germany ’06 and South Africa 2010; FA Cup Finals since 1988; the Rugby World Cup from 1991 to New Zealand in 2011; a host of Open Golf Championships, as well as World Athletics, Formula 1, Six Nations Rugby and the 1988 Wimbledon final. His photography has earned him the honour of becoming a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.

We did not publish this title but we did create the concept, working with Marc Aspland on the content and each section of the book. We designed and produced a dummy version so the project coul dbe presented to mainline publishers. Prestel published the finsihed title. We designed theirt version and were involved in the production process.

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